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Teatro Real Celebrates Spring Festival with A Concert from China NCPA

Source: BFPAFebruary/15/2021

Right at the beginning of the Chinese New Year, NCPA 2021 New Year’s Concert, with full of best wishes of the traditional Spring Festival, was released on Teatro Real’s online digital platform MyOperaPlayer on February 11th and 12th (the eve and first day of the Chinese New Year). The full concert was later broadcast on Televisión Española Channel 2 Los conciertos on February 13th and was streamed on the social media platform of the Chinese Embassy in Spain. The campaign was designed to celebrate the Spring Festival via music in Spanish-speaking countries. Endorsed by the Chinese Embassy in Spain who imbedded it into its cultural activity Happy Chinese New Year Celebration, the concert was warmly received by Spanish people, who left messages that read “Happy Chinese New Year! Highly recommended, don’t miss this opportunity!” and “Worth watching, won’t miss it!”.

NCPA 2021 New Year’s Concert was led by the conductor LÜ Jia and performed by the NCPA Orchestra and Chorus, featuring a tier of top soloists and artists. Opening up the lunar new year with episodes of classic music, the concert features the masterpieces from both China and the West, past and present, in forms of symphonic, choral, Chinese folk, vocal music as well as a poem reciting.
the screenshot of Teatro Real’s digital platform MyOperaPlayer

 screenshots of Teatro Real’s social media
This online concert, for the first time, is also a result of the practical cooperation between the members of the Beijing Forum for Performing Arts(BFPA)in 2021. Under the initiative of the NCPA, the BFPA was formally established on September 9th, 2020, with 24 performing arts institutions from 18 countries and regions as the founding members including the Teatro Real. It is also the first time, in the light of the BFPA’s framework, that the NCPA has shared the Chinese music with the world during the Spring Festival, and a NCPA-production content has been telecast on a local national TV station in Spain. 

The concert program on Televisión Española
Back in April 2019, the NCPA and the Teatro Real signed an official agreement on the cooperation of the latter’s online digital platform MyOperaPlayer, which would be jointly built by the two distinguished institutions by sharing their various audiovisual contents, in order to promote cultural and artistic exchanges between the two countries. By far, ten audiovisual NCPA productions were launched on the platform, including concerts, operas and documentary films.

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