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Teatro Colón inaugurates Colón Fábrica

Source: Teatro ColónNovember/12/2021

As one of the few factory-theaters in the world, Teatro Colón inaugurated Colón Fábrica on October 30th.

A property of 7500 m2 located in the south of the City of Buenos Aires, Colón Fábrica is the space that was conditioned to house and display the scenographies carried out in recent years such as Turandot and La Bohème, props as well as costumes used in productions of the Teatro Colón. This new exhibition space is also available to locals and those who visit the city to see closely and learn a little more about the Teatro Colón. This project will even allow the reuse of the scenographies on the theater stage and the rental of them to other theaters in the country and around the world.

Photo by Juanjo Bruzza

In this way, Colón Fábrica is a comprehensive project in which artistic and stage production, training with job opportunities and the preservation of heritage coexist.

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