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China National Centre for the Performing Arts and the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra Jointly Present Online Concert

Source: BFPAJune/18/2021

On May 22nd, 2021, China National Centre for the Performing Arts (NCPA) and the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra (RPO), jointly released “Cultural Perspectives: A Joint Concert Between the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra and China NCPA Orchestra”. Under the framework of Beijing Forum for Performing Arts (BFPA), the concert is a creative exploration of online projects between the two orchestras in China and the UK and a major accomplishment between BFPA members.

The RPO has visited the NCPA for four times. The concert that was scheduled in April has been canceled because of the pandemic. To make up for the regret of not being able to meet offline, the NCPA and the RPO had been planning for the online concert since November, 2020. In March this year, the two orchestras made recordings of the concert respectively. The RPO recorded the concert with no audiences while strictly following the social distancing guidelines. The NCPA Orchestra recorded the concert with 75% of normal capacity. On May 22nd, after seven months of meticulous planning and preparation, the wonderful concert was finally presented to the audience.

As a project of cultural exchange and mutual learning, the two orchestras specially and respectively performed one work by the local contemporary composer from the other country to showcase the exchange and dialogue. The NCPA Orchestra performed Dani Howard's Coalescence (China Premiere). The RPO performed L'Éloignement by Qigang Chen under the baton of Vasily Petrenko. Musicians and audiences from both countries are offered the opportunity of a brand-new musical experience. It also demonstrates the openness, inclusiveness and mutual trust that underpin the partnership of the two orchestras.

Pre-performance talks were specially arranged for the concert. Managing directors of the two orchestras, the conductors and composers of the concert unveiled the creative process, selection of the programme and their perspectives on the music.

The concert was streamed on more than 40 online platforms in China and the UK and live streamed for audiences around the world on Facebook and YouTube in different languages. (Click the link for the concert video : http://www.beijingforum.art/eng/zbpt/jmzb/202105/t20210527_230288.html)

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